About Jaybo Art

Jay Talbot got into fly fishing a little late in life, but maybe at a great time. Right before his senior year of college at the University of South Carolina he caught his first redfish on the fly in Charleston, SC. The rest was history. The next semester he took an art class of advanced drawing where all he drew was fish and flies. After starting an instagram featuring his art from that class a few companies were wanting to buy the rights to the drawings he was doing for the art projects. This interest along with a rapidly growing instagram helped him focus on art as a career after that. 

He now focuses on logo design, dog portraits, fish portraits, designing for other companies, and as well as designing his own apparel.

When he's not working in his home studio he can be found in a deer stand, working with his bird dog hunting woodcock and quail, duck hunting, fly fishing for tailing redfish on the South Carolina coast, or fly fishing for tarpon in Florida. All which inspire him to create his art and designs.