Grateful Dead and Inspiration

You may of noticed a heavy influence in a lot of my work from the Grateful Dead and now a little bit of Phish. 

To tell you the truth, I didn't even know about the grateful dead until about a year ago maybe. I was fishing with Capt. Harry in Charleston, and I was pulling his truck up from the boat ramp and he had it playing in his car. That was the moment where I thought "man I dig that band." It was awesome because not only did I really like their music, but there was...

Most Recent Drawings and Some Current Plans for Jaybo Art

I recently deleted my last blog post about "where Jaybo art is going" because I realized very quickly that there is no way I know for sure. In the art and design world... circumstances change so rapidly and opportunities come out of no where.

For sure, though, this is what I'm currently up to. I am drawing for fun and making them available to purchase for anyone who wants to buy them. I have always been fascinated by flies and while I draw them I take in consideration the process of how each piece was attached to the fly and...

My First Tailer in the Grass

My First Tailer in the Grass (Charleston, SC)

I have been on 12 or so fly fishing trips to Charleston in the last year and a half. Out of those 12 trips I have pulled out only 3 redfish on the fly. I may be biased, but I believe I am a pretty decent fly caster. However, I will say in the my last 3 or so trips I have really started to understand where to cast, how to put it where I want in 1 or 2 false casts, and also how to strip the fly (just how they...

Top 5 fish to have on your bucket list

What's your bucket list of fish to catch?

This is a topic that I'm sure is in any fishermen's heart. With nearly 30,000 species of fish in 7 continents and in all of the world's oceans... why wouldn't you want a bucket list of fish? This little blog post will go over my top 5 fish (on the fly) to catch and their location. Also, I'll share what some people from instagram said was on the top of their list.

My complete bucket list of fish is really long. Other fish that didn't make my top five include bonnet head shark...