Angler Series: DJ Dan Decibel Answers a Questionnaire

Jaybo Art wants to do something a little different. This is a blog series on the person behind the fish. So many times we get too focused on the fish, but the reality is that people are more important. This series will high light several fishermen: some people you may know and some you've never heard of before. That's cool though... get to know some people through this interesting questionnaire as we start with @dj_dan_decibel in this series.

Who are you? My name is Dan Decibel well at least that's my stripper name my real name is Daniel Diez. I...

Week of March 7-11

So as many of you may know, I still have a 3-4 month wait on most commissions. I'm very excited and happy about everyone wanting me to draw and paint things for them. I'm always honored and grateful for them, it's how I am able to keep doing what I love to do and I thank y'all for it.

I have 2 main projects that I am trying to focus on now. One is a 16"x20" water color painting of an iconic photo that was taken by Bennie Brawley of the Ravenel Bridge. The other large project is an initial 12...

Recent Fly Fishing Trip with Capt. Owen Plair

From time to time I write about my fly fishing trips on here. So here we go again.

A couple weeks ago I was able to take a trip to Beaufort to meet up with Capt. Owen for a morning fishing trip. I don't think we realized how good it was going to be leading up to that morning, but it was just one of those days where the sun was shining and the water was pure glass... the whole time too. Not only was the sunrise freaking incredible, it was just beautiful the whole day too.


New Things!

Jaybo Art has some new decals, and working to design more since several have sold out. Here is the newest decal:


Also, it is no secret anymore that I am doing more dog portraits lately. Here a couple recent ones.


As far as commissions and how busy I am... I have more commissions left to do now than I did a month ago. I don't do them in order to be honest. But right now, depending on what you have commissioned it's a minimum...

Jaybo Art Now Accepting New Commissions

As of today, I am accepting new commissions... Please send any inquiries you have to


The last month or so I was trying to catch up a little bit without any distractions. Please note though, there is a 1 to 4 month wait right now on commissions. But please inquire now to save your spot, some smaller pieces I might be able to get done even sooner.

Just reminder I draw fish, lures and flies, dog portraits, ducks, scenes, and willing to tackle almost anything but would let you know. I will add a tab on the site today...