Limited Ed. of Linocut prints available now

Just wanted to share that I have two linocut block prints that are available on the website now under art prints. These are highly collectible and are a limited edition of 12 per linocut.

Linocuts are considered to be a type of "original printing" because the block that has been cut is the masterpiece, and the artist manual prints each print by hand. Here are the available pieces below.

New shirts on the website!

I just wanted to update you all on the new design tshirts now on (View all the designs at the bottom of this post.) One day I was thinking that all I wanted was a simple design on a really comfortable shirt that I can wear anywhere, anytime. That's what's behind the new shirts on the websites.

They feature:

  • Unique designs by me (Jay Talbot)
  • No logo or company name on the front or back of the shirts
    • I don't think you should be a billboard for my company. I just want you to enjoy the designs and...

Angler Series: Bam "Double" Hall

After a long break from the angler series, I am happy to introduce one of my good fishing buddies, Bill who goes by Bam.

He was a random dude from Michigan on my Instagram that was messaging me about fishy stuff, then we ended up fishing together when he moved to South Carolina. Then I learned that he's just a great guy that would do anything in the world for his friends and family. We've had a ton of fun fishing the mountains for trout, Columbia, SC for stripers and small mouth, and Charleston for redfish. We're...

Update: What is Jay Talbot up to?

This is a busy time of year for sure! And I am grateful for it. I have several projects going on right now and I'll try to fill you in on them.


1.) Four dog portraits and three logos are going to be completed over the next couple of weeks because of deadlines.

2.) After those are completed, I will be working on a unique series of Grateful Dead scenes for an office in upstate South Carolina.

3.) In the meantime, I am teaming up with New York artist Tripp Derrick to do murals in Charleston, SC. Tripp is originally...

Angler Series: Harry Tomlinson

The second angler in the series to answer a questionnaire is Harry Tomlinson. He and I went to high school together and he pretty much got me into fly fishing for redfish. Here's some quick questions for my bud.

Who are you? Harry

What do you do? Student of the medicine

How do you do what you do? One step at a time

What do you think you’ll be doing in 5 years? Saving lives

Preferred type of fishing? Sight

Biggest fish caught? Not big enough

Best part of your day? Folgers in my cup

Worst part of your day? Waiting for the...