2019 Recap as a Fulltime Artist

2019 Recap as a Fulltime Artist

2019 was a tremendous year- actually my best income year as a full time fish artist. I will try to go over just where my sales came from- at least some good examples of what worked for me, and at the end I will go over my plan to really boost my income in 2020. 

So a percentage break down of my income in 2019 might surprise you, and here it is:

  • 43% = Apparel design
  • 33% = Pet portraits
  • 12% = Online Store
  • 9%   = Original Art
  • 3%   = Original Art Hats

To break these...

Here's what you need to know about Christmas commissions 2018

Here's what you need to know about Christmas commissions 2018

Every year I get really busy with Christmas commissions starting in October. I do urge people to get their commissions in as soon as possible for several reasons.

  1. It's the best way to know you'll have yours finished by December 15th, the last day that I like to mail out Christmas commissions.
  2. It helps me plan and schedule, especially with traveling that I am expecting to do in November.
  3. And also to prevent any last second and stressful commissions that always get squeezed in the last second. This year I will charge a rush fee for late commissions, after December...

Behind how and why Jay Talbot became an artist

Behind how and why Jay Talbot became an artist

If you ever wanted to become a full time artist, this may an interesting article to read.

I am in the beginning of my 3rd year as a full time artist, and it's been more than a full time commitment. I'll give the story how it all happened- including my first art sale, my first style, the ups and the downs, and key motivators along the way.

It started in the fall of 2013, I was trying to come up with extra money on the side during my last semester of college that was coming up. I thought to myself...

Limited Ed. of Linocut prints available now

Just wanted to share that I have two linocut block prints that are available on the website now under art prints. These are highly collectible and are a limited edition of 12 per linocut.

Linocuts are considered to be a type of "original printing" because the block that has been cut is the masterpiece, and the artist manual prints each print by hand. Here are the available pieces below.

New shirts on the website!

I just wanted to update you all on the new design tshirts now on (View all the designs at the bottom of this post.) One day I was thinking that all I wanted was a simple design on a really comfortable shirt that I can wear anywhere, anytime. That's what's behind the new shirts on the websites.

They feature:

  • Unique designs by me (Jay Talbot)
  • No logo or company name on the front or back of the shirts
    • I don't think you should be a billboard for my company. I just want you to enjoy the designs and...